Nicola Banning

We know that beyond providing income, work can be good for us. It gives us meaning, purpose, self-esteem and often friendships too. But work can also be bad for us. Work can be a source of distress, despair and ill health, with both a human and an economic cost. Nicola has experienced both.

Fifteen years ago, Nicola retrained as a therapist at the University of Bristol specialising in working with individuals and organisations. She believes that the world of therapy has much to offer the world of work and is committed to sharing her knowledge with those who are curious about creating more emotionally and psychologically healthy workplaces.

Nicola communicates these ideas, drawing on her background in journalism, and her experience of working at the BBC for ten years producing programmes for BBC Radio and TV.

She works as a therapist providing counselling and psychological support for employees, training and reflective supervision for a range of occupations. As well as writing, training and speaking on mental health at work, Nicola is also the editor of BACP Workplace, a quarterly journal for therapists working with employees, employers and EAPs and is an accredited member of BACP.