Training & Talks

Nicola is an experienced trainer with an excellent track record in developing and delivering training in the public and voluntary sector. She can be commissioned to design and deliver bespoke training for organisations and to give talks on what helps to support better mental health at work. Nicola runs workshops teaching self-help skills for health and happiness, managing work-related stress in teams, promoting positive working environments and improving self-care and wellbeing for carers.

Nicola spoke at the BACP Working with Mental Health in the Workplace Conference in 2019 about the need for the therapy profession to speak out and locate our stories and experience within the current debate about mental health at work.

Thank you so much for facilitating the two training sessions this week for our staff. The feedback has been extremely positive and I am so pleased as I know how much care and thought you put into making sure that our needs were successfully captured. Thanks again, Nicola. I really do appreciate the considerate and sensitive way in which you prepared for and delivered our sessions.

Leader in the public sector 

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